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This is the vet’s office where I took Goldy when his general vet said that his treatment (for heart congestion) was going too deep for him. So our vet recommended a heart specialist!

You can see Goldy is highly anxious in the exam room. Once he realized where the door to get out of the exam room was, he went right for it. He didn’t like this office in particular because the techs have to hold him stretched out to get a decent x-ray of his heart. Then he’d have blood drawn & maybe an extra shot or two. He was NOT a happy puppy. He’s ecstatic whenever we leave.

He goes back about every six months to see how his medications are affecting his kidneys, and how his heart is progressing (usually the same or worse). His last visit was June, so he’s due for another vet visit soon. {10/2010}


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