When I saw this Gator Crossing Kit from Katie, all I could think is of is the fact that my team is playing the Florida Gators this weekend!

It is true that I am a big Alabama football fan. I watch all the games, I read the sports page, I listen to sports talk radio. I love to discuss the fine points with my brother and my dad. Last year, I got to experience what every college football fan dreams of; my team won the national championship. And like Jim says, after that, what else matters? This year should just be fun, and we should be happy whatever happens. And although I tell myself that is true, I really can’t be quite that cool about it. We won our first few games this year without much trouble. Then we had to play our SEC opener against Arkansas. I asked the whole family over to watch on our big screen TV. Arkansas got out to a quick two touchdown lead. All the seats in the living room were taken, but I couldn’t sit still anyway. Jim says that I always get up and do my laundry when Alabama is having a tough time, and that’s what I did. Then I just went in my room and told myself that it would be over in about an hour and life would go on just fine. Pretty soon I heard them in the next room sounding a little happier. I peeked around the corner and saw that we were catching up. I inched up closer to the TV with each play, and when we finally went ahead, you needed ear plugs to drown out the cheers. And do you know what reward we get for such a thrilling come from behind win? We get to play Florida this week! I’ve read the sports page and listened to talk radio, and I’m sure I’ll have all my laundry done in record time.

Katie Pertiet
Gator Crossing Kit (recolored)
Shaped Notebook Journalers
Little Bears Kit
Filmed Frames Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Stamped Roughed Edges Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Little Layette Element Pack (recolored)

Jesse Edwards
Cadena Paper Pack

Anna Aspnes
MonoBlendz Confiture Paperie

Ali Edwards
Long Journalers Value Pack

Michelle Martin
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 07

Fonts Century Gothic, Monotype Sorts, Downcome