16. These are delicious - unless you have too many! 17. Ferg’s new ‘beast’. 18. The bits and pieces ready for stirring and frying - Chicken Basil Chilli stir-fry, yum. 19. Chloe Clarke dressed herself and Georgia up and Emma joined in, they were using their ‘serious’ faces here. 20. It seems as though every time I look at Hayden lately he has his iPod in his hands. 21. I went to Wordies for lunch with Jo McIntyre today, love their food, love the setting, love that it’s called The Writers Cafe. 22. Today is Ben’s 30th Birthday, I hosted a small, impromptu party for him at my place, I always make a point of doing what I can to help my friends celebrate their birthdays. I think birthdays are the perfect time to let friends know how special they are.
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