When our DD showed us these pictures of our grandson, Tylan, getting his hair cut, I knew I had to scrap them. We had been waiting for a long time for him to change his hair style and finally...!!! I loved it when she kept telling him to 'show those teeth' when I took the last picture when we were at their house recently. It seems the dentist from the first set of braces never gave him a retainer and his teeth all shifted again, making it necessary to do them all over again. She didn't know about a reatiner. It was her first "braces" experience. And of course, they had moved, or she would have been sitting on that doctor's doorstep for a FREE redo!! She indeed at least wanted to see what cost her a fortune!! LOL

Debbie Hodge: GIS Sketch #14 Katrina Kennedy

Fonts' Creepsville, Century Gothic, Franklin Gothic
Demi and Swenson

MiMi Concepts: Collab
West 4th STreet: Orchard Blum