She looks so old to be so young, so sad to be so happy,
This Basset Hound with wrinkled brow is in my heart to stay.
With four short legs and happy tail and ears that drag the ground,
With a crazy habit all her own of sleeping upside down.
She gives love in abundance, enough for me to share,
With all the neighbors on the block and much, much more to spare.
Her dress is quite peculiar, I’m sure that you’d surmise,
She wears a very elegant coat but it must be twice her size.
Twice usual size, inside her chest, is a heart that’s made of gold,
God must have been in a jovial mood when He made the Basset mold.
She’s quite a clown by nature, in looks and actions too,
She cheers you up when you are down and loves you when you’re blue.
And when you’re ready for a romp, she’s always there to play,
This funny girl with wrinkled brow is in my heart to stay.

(Author Unknown)