When I reflect on this wild and crazy summer of visits from friends and family, this image stands out for me. Here is a man who took the risk to travel across the ocean to visit friends of his wife he hardly knew. All he knew was that he was a sailor and that sailing the Maine coast is one of the pinnacles of sailing. This photo taken by my husband of Fiona’s husband speaks of a man who knows his heart. Not every watch on a boat is for dangers on the water. Some lucky few know how to watch within, savoring and being present with the gift of life and majesty. This man is one of them. Some men approach retirement age looking for a gold watch. As a curator of inner stories, to me this inward quality ranks as a gem quality, a diamond watch.

Thanks for looking this way. Fiona, I hope Colin knows I KNOW he is NOT ready for retirement...just couldn't resist the gold watch analogy.

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