I finally got a chance to play with Anna's fabulous Two-Step template that I picked up last week.

Hayden and Abby last week after school.

Anna Aspnes::Two-Step Template No. 1, Month Word Transfers

Spending time together on a Tuesday afternoon. You don't get many of these type of days any more with school back in session, homework and after school activities and sports. Tennis season is wrapping up, but hockey season is just getting started, so I am glad you two were able to just.be.together

The weather has been so nice, but the leaves are changing and you can feel the fall season in the air

So you two got to enjoy one last day of the Summer of 2010 at the farm. Thank you for taking time to record it forever by grabbing the camera and then sharing those photos with me.

(so I can scrap them I am sure : Abby asked two minutes after she emailed them to me when I was going to scrap them, lol)

tfl, Mary