This was us. Twenty-one years ago happened in a blink. I was twenty, you were about to turn twenty-three. We were brimming with innocence. I loved you from my core. Our ideals were pretty simple: love each other well, work hard, and do the right thing. Surely if we lived by those values, good things would follow. Now, all these years later, I understand so much more. Nothing is as black and white or simple as I thought. Life is a series of gradients. And life can be hard for good people. We’ve both invested all of ourselves into this journey. Never questioning us. Never considering an alternative. Today, we’ve reached a new plateau. A mature love that can only come with the wisdom and the experience of perservernce. Our commitment is paying off. And it is the greatest treasure of my life. 09.24.10

Cathy Zielske
Grid No. 01 Layered Templates

Michelle Martin
Patterned Palette No 2

Pattie Knox
Pearl Swirls

Anna Aspnes
Chandelierious No 01
Stitched by Anna Borders No 02
Page Hipster Plume FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No 02

Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Oyster
Classic Cardstock: Dragon Trainer