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tfl, Mary

when I saw Abby post that it has been almost seven months, that you have been together, I was actually surprised. Seriously, it seems as though you two have been together forever. You really are like two peas in a pod. You balance each other out and make sure that each of you have a voice in the decision making process. You seem to have your priorities straight this year, maintaining focus on your school work, your individual sports and each other families. You both know when you need to give just a little more than you take and still make room for yourselves. You make sure that you find time to be together, even if it is just a short phone call before bed to say goodnight. You spend time at horse shows and she spends time at the rink.

I am thankful that you have her in your life right now Hayden. Watching you grow up and becoming more independent can be tough on your mom. Letting you go, even just a bit is really hard, but seeing how happy you are with her makes it just right.