Thought I'd try my hand at a challenge. This was so much fun, thanks!

OOOhh, no, not by a long shot. Yes, we knew that you used the crawl space under the cabin to hide your stash of pinecones and mushrooms, and who knew what else.

Well, Gerry (DH) found out last.summer when he went under there to install the ductwork for the new furnace. He even found a corn cob under there! He chose a new kind of flexible ducting which his research assured him was rodent proof. HA! When we arrived one week-end last winter we found you had been in the cabin, with shredded tissues and white fluff in all the heat registers When I saw you perched on Gerry’s chair in the living room this summer, taunting me, well - that was the last straw.

Gerry went under the cabin to have a look. Listen, little buddy (monster), it’s not easy to do that since the crawl space is only 8-12 inches high. He found out that you, and probably all your umpteen relatives, chewed through every. single. one. of those ducts. We had to replace ALL of them with metal ones, at great expense I might add. So now, in order to stop you from digging under there again, we will use any means we can think of, short of poison. We’ve had enough. We are declaring WAR.

PKnox AdChallenge template freebie from long ago, includes the tag and staples; I altered the template a bit

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KPertiet - LetterBox Bird Watcher Paper Pack
KPertiet - Clean Clusters n Parts No2
KPertiet - Stacked Photo Frames
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MMartin - Miranda Paper Pack

AASPN - 8 1/2 X 11 Curvy Corner Stitched Borders

Lynn Grieveson - Sweet Madeline kit - alpha

Fonts: VT Remington; Handwriting Dakota; DSP Pat (I found this a long time ago and have hung on to it because it closely resembles my own printing)