Journaling: It seems as thought I ought to have figured out how to let a child grow up, how to let go, when to speak and when to keep my peace, what to expect at each stage, what my job is and what your job is--all that--wsan’t I supposed to have figured that out on your big sister? But as it turns out, it’s new all over again. I may have learned a few things, but you’re not her, and I’m not finding this trip into adulthood to be any easier by your side than I did by her side. I hope you know that’s not your fault; it just goes with the territory. When I think of you going away to school next year, it’s no easier than it was for me with Aimee. But just as with her, I’m so proud of you, and I so look forward to all the wonderful things ahead of you. Sorry if having a mom complicates your journey, buddy!

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