I have loved this page so chose to document our house on this lift. http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=132914&cat=fav

It Reads: The walls of the three bedrooms along the East side of our house were built in the early 1900s of solid wood. This is how houses were built a long time ago. The walls are solid pine , covered with a thin layer of muslin fabric and then the sheet rock placed on top for painting. For insulation, people used what they had on hand. Pieces of cotton, fabric, strips of newspaper and wood shavings are a few of the items in our house. The temperature on the East side is temperate without much fluctuation. I feel safe and secure in my house with walls.......

Katie - Neutral Word Bits, Sacked Solids, Wooden Alpha, Collegables 1, Genealogy Clippings 1, Canvas Alpha

Anna - Stitched by Anna White, Fotoblends, Journey Word Transfers

Patti - Rag Bag Remnants