Two more pages for my Growing Up book. My two sisters and I loved to dress up in our "Party Frocks" and our dancing costumes after the concert. We all had dancing lessons and at the end of the year a concert would be held to show off our "talents"! We would also perform our own version of these concerts at home on the terrace or in the lounge to entertain any unsuspecting visitors - what a treat this would have been for them!!!! I thought I had better post these LOs because I keep changing them and adding more stuff - enough is enough!

I used (quite a lot of stuff)
Papers by Katie Pertiet - Barley Botanical, Pointillism Florals.
Michelle Martin Tasia Solids.
Jesse Edwards Grenadine
Probably a few other tiny bits here at there!!

Elements from all of these kits:
Katie Pertiet Letter Box Seamstress Kit, All Hung Up Frames, Ad Challenge 12/13/09
Lynn Grievson Florence Kit, Vintage Youngsters
Pattie Knox - Felt Board Friends Tiny Dancers, Staple Its
Scrap Artist Reflections Kit
Laurie Ann HGD No Place Like Home & Fresh Laundry Kits.
Blue Flower Art - The Other Eve Kit
Creashens Before Kit
CaraMia Designs Sophie Kit
Michelle Underwood Journal Stickers.
My apologies if I have missed anyone here - the odd button or two may have slipped through!!