Another family history album I created for my mom. When I set out to tackle this project it just seemed so overwhelming. We had four huge boxes of photos containing photos from 2009 sitting right next to photos from the 1930s! ZERO organization. Where on earth do I start?

To keep my sanity I decided to break it down into decades. It was a great way to get the project off the ground. Then later specific moments/events can be added as filler pages between each of these overview pages.


Katie Pertiet:
Clustered Layered Template No. 03
Clustered Layered Template No. 04
Clustered Layered Template No. 05
Clustered Layered Template No. 06
Basic Paper Alphabet: White

Michelle Martin:
Brett Paper Pack

Font: Avant Garde


As seen in Preserving Their Memories special publication from Creating Keepsakes. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.