I'm so excited right at the moment. I have many of my dad's negatives taken over the years; from about 1918-1984.
I found one years ago, scanned it, and saw the above image appear but never knew exactly what it was. If you could see it larger, you'd see the people in their 1920's garb and a Model A in the background. And you can also see the same tree pattern in the formation on the left in both photos.
As I was going through my photos from our visit to Yosemite last month, a light went on and I knew I had identified my dad's photo! Mirror Lake, Yosemite! And now I also know that a negative that was with it is surely a Park Ranger in an early uniform.
I also now know that his family must have journeyed there on their migration from Spokane to Dallas. Not an easy task in the 20's with 7 children in tow.

This negative. I've looked at it for years. "Mirror Lake" inscribed on the bottom. A Model A and a handful of women in dresses and men in suits. Where was it taken? To say I was intrigued was an understatement. I googled Mirror Lake once and several possibilities presented themselves. But I couldn't be sure. Until now. Look. Did we walk the same path? Feel the same sense of awe? Did you linger as long as I did? Look. We saw the same formations and patterns.
Our visits separated by 80 years. Our love of the outdoors and the National Parks shared in our genes. Father and daughter joined by our love of travel and photography. Thank you for a most wonderful gift.

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