Journaling: "While Devan was gone today, we decided to have a girls day. We went to the local farmers market for peaches and corn on the cob. Then we saw Toy Story 3. We went to the splash park in Rexburg where you played in the water and rode the carousel. But the most memorable part of the day was when we first got in the car to start our adventures. I had to run back in the house to get some money. When I returned to the car you had done up your seat belt all by yourself—just like you always insist. As we drove, I praised you for getting your seat belt on without being asked. You told me you were getting big and would be as big as me. I told you I wasn’t ready for you to be that big yet because once you got that big you would move away from me and be a mom. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw you softly crying. And then I cried with you."

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