I think (no, I know) this is the longest I've gone without scrapping in more than 2 years! I'm so happy to have some time to myself after a very busy summer. I missed DD!

My travel schedule was crazy this year and I don't want to forget the details. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what I had for dinner, much less where I've been!

In addition to the miles, there is now a bit more of me and I put about 10,000 miles on my car...

"From Atlanta to the world. It’s been of year of many sights for my lucky eyes. My soul has been happy, fulfilled, stimulated, nourished.
Abu Dhabi and my dear niece. The sights and smells of a different culture. An ethereal mosque, a calm sea, dolphins. Airplanes at the Smithsonian. Two college graduations and the young adults off to lead their lives and dreams. Kisses from the babies. Flowers at the farm. Wine tasting with my guy. Hugs from long lost cousins. Cherished visits to three wonderful daughters. Chicago, Harrisburg, Ann Arbor. Boston, New Orleans, Alabama.. Steve’s fresh breads and pickles and pesto. New friends and old. California and thoughts of a new home. The glory of Yosemite. Oh! the places I've been!"

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