Inspired by Vicki's page but unlike Vicki, we didn’t get a whole day in Seattle…just one hour, as we passed through on our way to the airport.

2:38 pm...Arrive in Seattle on the way to the airport. Stop at Pike Place Farmer’s Market for a one hour blitz and a flying fish show.

3:30 pm...Time to leave beautiful Seattle and head to Sea-Tac. Return rental, drag stuff through airport maze, check bags...find a bar and have a drink!

5:25pm...Takeoff for California. Can’t wait to get home... but first the hostess offers me another drink. Ok, sure, why not! That mini 1 oz bag of pretzels will soak it up. 08.26.10

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Anna Aspnes:
Painted MultiFoto Single Layered Template No. 05
Page FotoBlendz No. 03 12 X 12
Page FotoBlendz No. 04 - 12 X 12
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Travel WordTransfers No. 01
Scanty Journal Lines

Katie Pertiet:
Digitally Pressed Petals No. 05
Ad Inspiration 08.08.10

Lynn Grieveson:
Artfully Intense Paper Pack
Artfully White Paper Pack

Map of Seattle area, airline ticket: internet

Fonts: Rechtman, Greetings