I started this page in JUNE, on the 10yr anniversary of the day I graduated from High School...it took me this long to get a recent photo of myself! (And my 5 year old took it, lol)
This page was heavily inspired By Kayleigh's page ( i can't currently find it at the moment, but I had a great hour scanning her gallery)..it's the example layout on the template below.

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more to come...

Gone are the days...Ten years ago today I graduated from High School. Whole life ahead of me, full of “potential”. Excitement, nerves, emotion. Raw emotion. I was full of longing for love lost, & ready to leave the small town. College was waiting for me. Summer was full of beach days, parties, old friends & new friends. I was moving to the dorms. I was outgrowing youth group & trying to figure out my place with religion & God. Life was all about me, as it should be for a graduating with honors 17 yr old. I always wanted to be married with kids “10 years from now”, though back then I was certain I knew who I’d marry, I was wrong.

Here are the days....Today I am the mother of two amazing kids, & married to one of the best men I have ever known. I am living my dream of staying home and raising my babies. I am a business owner, I am a photographer. I miss small town life. My summer will include crayons, paint, sprinklers, library, the alphabet & potty training. old friends & new friends. I am full of emotion. Raw emotion. LOVE. Bursting with pride & gratitude. So thankful for the grace of God, and the blessings He continues to pour into my life.