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IN conversation with myself……. on the bow of our sailboat this week.
I like where I am in my life and that I can handle the inner voices from the past!!

I had a great time playing with my Topaz filters and altering the top photo…. a little more saturated than my actual reality!!
What are
you doing with
your life?

you mean, like, what am I producing?
what do I have to show for my days? like THAT?

Yes, things that matter, what do you have
to be proud of in the world?

Oh .... that I can be present in the moment. .... that I can relax when
I relax and sail when I sail and see when I see? It’s what meditators
work to achieve and I just had to quit trying to work somebody’s else’s agenda.

And you can be happy with that for a life?

I can be happy with this as a WAY OF BEING in my life and let the accomplishing be
something I do just like relaxing, seeing and sailing. Something that happens when
it is true. Planning is a tool, not a way of life. I’ll do planning when I’m planning.

Right NOW I am Sailing.

Thanks for looking.

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