My husband's grandfather suddenly left his family (a blank in the family history) when his dad was very young. He was unheard from again. It remained a family mystery (back then) and although his grandmother remarried, DH's dad never knew what happened to his father. This year, over a half century later, a grandson from GP's other marriage (out west) contacted my husband and sent him this picture of grandpa's (new wife) which happened to be a few months after he left at 27! Too bad DH's dad died not knowing what ever happened to his father. I left the filmed photo masks blank and muted as there was a large gap of time with no knowledge of him.

Katie Pertiet
Letter Mask from:Follow Me Layered Template
Filmed Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Lynn Grieveson
Antiquities Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes
Hands of Time BrushSet No. 01
Flower: ArtPlay Palette MiniKit No. 10
ArtPlay Palette MiniKit No. 10
Distressed Edge Overlays No. 07 12 X 12
Other: bird brush
Font: Matchbook