A page that I did for my book about my mother and her family. The photos are from 1942 and 1943. Mum and dad on their honeymoon, dad is in his army uniform. The second photo is with my brother Bruce aged about 3 months dad was home on leave.

I used:
Paper by Katie Pertiet - Roughed up Krafty
Mary Ann Wise - Waterpaper 2

Photo Corners from the Eat Cake Kit
Envelope from Collageables No. 1
Botanical Stamp from Botanical Stamps Kit
Flower Sticker from Cover Inspiration 3/14/10
Fern - Digital Petals No 2
All by Katie Pertiet

Worn Page Edges 8.5 x 11 by Lynn Grievson

Heart Epoxy and red ribbon from Sherrie JD Call Thee Mine Kit
Strip of stamps from Wear a Flower Kit by Pixel Works