I am overwhelmed with sadness today. My dear buddy has left me. Thank you, everyone, for your support.

This is really two pages but the second page is just text so I'll just include the text here:

Elan's Surprise Suprise CGC NA NAJ

April 12, 1997 - August 17, 2010

Arthur greeted us as a gorgeous, energetic and lovable puppy. He was smart and so willing to please. He earned his CGC title at 6 months. He loved learning but didn't like the pressure of competition so we ended his career with 2 CD legs and two agility titles.

What he did love, though, was being with me and he was my buddy. He was a real snuggler and hugger. If I ever sat on the floor, Arthur would come along and sit in my lap. Arthur was also my bedtime buddy. We had a routine where I would crawl into bed and Arthur would come over to my side of the bed. I would pet him, rubbing his ears and his back. Eventually he would place his two front paws on to the bed and we snuggled face to face - all the time his tail wagging excitedly. When I said “okay” he would get down and get into his dog bed.

Our house rule is that the dogs are not allowed on the furniture. Arthur liked to bend the rule. When someone was one the couch he would come over for petting. Next thing, you know, he had his paws on the couch. Trying to get closer and closer to the person he would get half of his body on the couch. Then, he would jump on to the coach. At this point, he would get taken off the couch because he’s gone past “sneaky.”

Arthur would get very excited around meal times. He would follow me around the house from room to room, hoping it was time for me to feed him either breakfast or dinner. Sometimes he stood in the kitchen and looked at me while I was on the computer in the family room as if to say, “Can I have dinner now, Please?”

After watching Rally obedience trials at the ECSCNC specialty in October I thought my 13-year-old Arthur would enjoy this event. So, I took him out of “retirement” and joined a class. Arthur quickly remembered all the exercises from his former obedience days. We learned a few new tricks and after a few months I entered him in an APDT rally trial. He took 2nd and 5th place, earning two legs. I was so proud of him. It was fun doing something with him again - and he was enjoying it too.

Just one month later he was sick and then diagnosed with Lymphoma. Even at 13-years-old he left us too soon. We had some much yet to do.

He will be always loved and deeply missed.

Rest well my dear boy.

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