A follow up layout to the February floods LO. This is such a special little story I wanted to share.

My dgd rescued the tiny (smaller than her thumb!) sugar glider twins when on the bridge featured in my flood layout. You might like to know that Sugar Gliders are tiny possums, native to eastern Australia. Fully grown they are about 6" long and weigh abut 120 grams (can't convert that for you Americans, sorry!). They nest in the hollow of trees, hence Emma returned them to a large tree! They are called sugar gliders because they have a membrane from their 5th finger down to the toes. When they launch out of a tree the membrane stretches like a glider, and they can glide for about 100 metres (not bad for such tiny little animals!) AND, they love sweet things! WIRES is an agency we can call if we see sick or injured native wildlife and they will come and rescue them. Unfortunately, my dd and dgd were cut off by flood waters and so had to nurse the little possums back to health themselves. They are quite experienced in saving small animals (farm and wild) so they managed brilliantly and the little twins were released back into the bush successfully. Hope they are fit and well still!


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