Dh and I have decided to homeschool all three children this year. As the teacher with children all at different grade levels, it will be very much like a one-room schoolhouse. ;-) The importance and blessings of this opportunity for me and the children can't be overstated. I am truly thrilled with the prospects; however, I also know that there will be little time for much else in my life for a while as we all learn to work through this new situation. I will try to continue to post comments and the occasional LO as time permits, but I foresee my time will not be my own for a while. I will miss all of you dearly. Please don't forget me ... I won't forget you. ;-)

Oh ... and when this season is over and things settle down, you won't be able to get rid of me. ;-)

Thank you for looking.

Water Drops No. 1, TNT Dragonfly Layered Template No. 1, Mod Grunge
FotoBlendz 2, ArtPlay Palette No. 8, MultiFoto Single Template 12 -- Anna Aspnes
Buttoned Up, Oversprayed Alpha 3, Ledger Grids, Time Clusters No. 1,
Colorful Watery Spots No. 2, Classic Cardstock Autumn Ice, Worth Repeating No. 10 -- Katie Pertiet
Button Box Ribbons -- Pattie Knox
Bella Kit, Alphabetize Overlays -- Michelle Martin
LoveFest -- Cathy Zielske
10 pm Chat Paper -- Dana Zarling
Apple Apple Kit -- Emiko Designs