Warning: if raw seafood isn't your thing, look away now! And my sincere apologies to anyone who's grossed out by the tuna shots.
I seem to be having a creative block this weekend so I am forcing myself back on track to finish up my Tokyo book until the design juju returns. This book is very simply designed and templated, so there's not too much creative juice necessary, thankfully! Although I've only posted a dozen or so pages, I've got about 50-some-odd done and not too many more to go.

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Tsukiji Fish Market: Lost in the Maze of the Marine Area
Although toursists are allowed in the market, it’s hard not to feel out of place in this wholesale-only environment. I wandered through row after row of stalls – snapping photos whenever I could – all the while, trying hard not to gawk and stare too hard at the myriad of fascinatingly unfamiliar things for sale.

From left: a fishmonger skillfully trims a large tuna; looking down on a bucketful of crabs; wholesale buyers
doing their daily shopping; sushi-grade fresh tuna, ready for sale.

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