I've lost my scrapping mojo-- I was so busy the first part of the summer, and for the past week I've been so exhausted all I did was sleep. But my son and I went to look for a dog today, and took some photos with our cell phones....

"For weeks you’ve been asking me to go with you to look for puppies, because you thought it would be a good idea to get your dad a dog for his birthday, so today we went to the shelter. No puppies, but a few really great dogs were there. We took three out for walks and spent some time with them in the fenced yard at the shelter. You liked one, and I fell in love with another. After spending time with the dogs, you suddenly realized what a big responsibility a dog is. We left dogless, but will go back tomorrow...."

K. Pertiet - Spot Dots Olympics Paper Pack
P. Knox - LT Challenge 6/6/10, and Help Haiti Kit Acrylic Alpha
Lynn Grieveson - In Distress Paper Pack
Update Sunday 8/15: My son went back today and adopted the black dog on the upper left. She seems to be part Labrador/part hound of some sort. Really calm and sweet. Her name is Rory. More LOs to follow...