Background paper: T Jones Crush Bubbles paper 9
Edges: A Aspnes Artist Edges 3-2
Photo frame: Favreau Tattered Photo Overlays
Tape: K Pertiet Filmed Layered Template No 10
Strips: L Grieveson Worn Strips 1 & 4
Film strip: K Pertiet Just Look At You layered template
Stitching holes: K Pertiet Clustered Layered Template No 8
Beads: K Pertiet Bead Scatterings
Date: K Pertiet Tabbed Dates
Black buttons: J Café Acrylic Button Alpha freebie
Purple dot: Miss Mint Tropical Popsicle kit
Alpha: K Hadfield Scruffy and Stripey alpha
Apostrophe: L Grieveson Printed Paper alpha

Kylie is obsessed with names right now. She'll hold up one of her Little People and say, "What's his name?" When she's through with the people, we move on to her farm animals, her zoo animals, her sea animals, any of her cars that have faces and always it's the same questions, "What's his name?" "What's her name?" My favorite is when she says, "That's not her name" and has me guess again. "Uh Amy? Barbara? Charlie? Frances? And each time, it's "That's not her name." And don't even think of not answering, because she'll keep asking "What's her name?" over and over until my brain leaks out my nose. She's a crafty, patient, incessant little kiddo.