I've already done a page for the current art journal challenge, and I had a good time putting that page together (well, once I got over my paralyzing fear, that is!). Friday morning I got it into my head that I just HAD to try a bird. Ugh! What was I thinking?!? When next I looked up, it was dark outside. I'm hungry, my behind hurts, I might have a repetitive stress injury and I think I need a pair of those flight socks that Fiona talked about in a recent thread. Peter's dialing the number to that 12x12 step program again...

ETA: just noticed that the wings and body look almost pure white on my computer screen, even though I have some brushwork on them. For some reason I have to tilt the computer screen back to see it. Sigh. Note to self: if you're going to scrap while you're lying on the couch, tilt the computer screen up every now and then, to see if you see what you want to see!

ETA, redux: no work today, so I spent it--the whole day--scrapping. I'm sure there's a word for this behavior...addiction, perhaps? Smile

Anna Aspnes
SandScratched Overlays No. 01 12x12
FotoGlows No. 02
Different Strokes No. 02 BrushSet
Different Strokes No. 03 BrushSet

Lynn Grieveson
On the Island Kit (background paper)

Katie Pertiet
Art Class Brushes and Stamps
Chalked Brushes and Stamps No. 02

Font: Waterfalls
Bird was inspired by a photo I'd seen in a building near where I work.

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