My Mother-in-law recently convinced me to shop a flea market with her. This is not something you would normally find me doing but she was so looking forward to it I couldn’t say, no. About 30 minutes into our adventure I spotted what I thought would just be something fun to photograph; a small box of threads and sewing notions. There was something about this collection that touched me. Once home I emptied the box and started wondering and imagining. A ball of darning cotton still had a needle safely tucked into it for easy access the next time it would be needed; when was the last time it was needed? A wooden darning egg spoke of a more frugal time. The spools of thread bearing the label Clark’s, before they merged with Coat’s in 1936 offered a time frame. Colors all browns, blacks, whites decidedly masculine save for one spool of pink thread and one feminine blue button. Were you married? Did you have children? A small sea shell; what was that doing in your sewing box; a treasure collected during a romantic walk on the beach or a gift from a grandchild? A small statue of St. Jude; were you religious, had you lost hope or were you finding for your way? How I wish you could tell me . . . YOUR STORY

I should add that this memory was purchased for 50 cents. Who says money can't buy happiness!


KPertiet: Stamped Stitches, Drop Shadow Styles.

AAspnes: Curvy Corners Stitched Borders.

JEdwards: Shades

MMartin: Colbie Solids

Fonts: Century Gothic, Home Sweet Home.