Okay - the reason why I scrapbook is because I can't draw or paint well. Photographs really brought art to life for me and I found my creative outlet I had been searching for when I discovered scrapbooking - about 8 years ago. My husband has better handwriting than me (well he is a 3rd grade teacher). With that said - here is my simple take on the Art Challenge. The pages posted for this challenge have been so inspiring and made me feel like a little kid again - who just wants to jump in and get messy.

I was homeschooling 5 children last year. The kids loved art, but we didn't have a lot of money for art supplies - so I would challenge them to draw a character out of a picture book. This piece is inspired from the illustrator, Caroline Jayne Church from the book, "I Love You Through and Through". Tonight I felt like one of my kids.

I use PSE so I knew I wouldn't have a warp tool to do much twisting and such. But I did make this all with standard brushes.

and my shortest supply list EVER...

Katie Pertiet - Web Inspiration 10-11-09
and Michelle Martin - Carissa Solids
I started off with this mask and liquified it and went from there. TFL!