This is part of the reason I've been so busy with life lately. My 13-year-old English Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He's always been so loving and gentle. I can't imagine life without him so I am enjoying the time we have left.

Upon returning from Yellowstone, I picked Arthur up from the kennel. He was having diarrhea but when it didn’t stop I took him to the available vet. She thought it was colitis. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. O’Day, my favorite vet, “just in case” for a few days later. With no improvement we went to that appointment. Everything pointed to severe colitis but the cause was unknown. Arthur was now dehydrated so they gave him fluids and some stronger meds. Dr. O’Day told me he should me much better within 48 hours and to call if he was not better. 2 days later he was not better. In fact, he had stopped eating much of anything so I took him back to Dr. O’Day. Since he was still dehydrated they gave him more fluids. Dr. O'Day checked him all over again and noticed the glands in his neck were bigger than they were two days ago. She does a fine needle aspiration just to make sure everything is OK. The next day, July 30, I received the results and it was not good - lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes.
My mind floods with thoughts and emotions overwhelm me. My boy is sick with cancer. Although I knew he was sick and it had to be something more than just colitis, I did not really expect this. Just last month he was competing in a Rally obedience trial and looking his best ever. How can it be so suddenly?
I calmed myself and discussed the treatment options. Mike came home and we decided chemo was not an option for Arthur. Instead we chose to give him prednisone and let the cancer take its coarse.
Luckily, the prednisone does make him feel more comfortable. He’s skinny and a fussy eater right now, but we will savor whatever time we have left.

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