My girls have been teaching and showing and inspiring since the day(s) they were born.
I tried to convey that to them here. Not sure how much I succeeded!
And, this sure is a pink page for me...
And, I was going to scan a picture of the three of them when they were tiny, but I was too lazy to find one Wink so 1996 will have to do.

"On this 8th day of August, 2010, two of you girls are older than I was when Erin was born. All three of you are past the age I was when I married your dad. None of you have found the right man yet, nor have you brought another human into the world. You will when the time is right. I am not concerned about that.
Together, the four of us represented some kind of grand experiment. Both of my parents were gone by the time Erin was six months old. And as you know, I don’t feel close to your dad’s parents. So there we were. One young woman and three lovely little girls under the age of 5. Your daddy was working hard, traveling much of the time. We moved regularly. It was really up to us to navigate the road we were embarking on.
I had some ideas and thoughts about what made a good mother. I had a wonderful mother who left many loving lessons behind, but I still felt I was in uncharted waters. What would I do when one of you became ill? How would I keep up with all of the chores; the laundry, cleaning, cooking, gardening, making new friends. How could I ever even begin to help mold you and teach you and inspire you? Oh, I asked so many questions of anyone who would listen. I called the doctor numerous times. Ran up huge phone bills calling my sisters; Jennifer hadn’t even had Alison yet and was more uncertain than I!
But then some strange things began to happen.
I slowly began to trust not only myself, but my babies, too! You weren’t as breakable as I had assumed. I found that I could take you to the same places I’d frequented before I had kids in tow. I learned that you would eat almost anything and that while all of you adored my cooking, you were also great little explorers and adored eating out. I came to know that even when you cried or screamed in public, that the world wouldn’t end! People still welcomed us. You all showed me that children are very flexible and can adjust to all sorts of situations as long as they feel secure. So we started traveling all over the place with you girls.
I quickly learned just how darn smart you were. Right from the beginning you were communicating your needs and I was a quick learner; recognizing the different cries and coos and later encouraging you to express yourselves whether you were happy or angry or scared or feeling silly or frustrated.
We were building our relationships. I was beginning to see that what my own mom and dad had taught me was usually right there in my head to draw from. I felt pretty good about the way things were going. And as an added treat, I really, truly enjoyed being a mom!
As you got older and became a bit more challenging, I tried hard to keep the lines of communication wide open. I showed you my emotions and you showed yours. You saw that everyone, even Mom, was human and made mistakes. I saw that adolescent girls could be trusted and could even teach me a few things! While I was guiding you through the challenges of school and friends and boys and insecurities, you were keeping me young, making me feel vital and loved. You kept me on my toes when it came to style and make up and music. I made sure you always had a strong shoulder to cry on and you always made sure to tell me that you loved me.
All three of you girls loved learning. And look at you now! College graduates one and all. The dreams you wove while growing up are now coming true for the most part. You are crafting your own lives. And you’re still my babies. And we are still there for each other, just as before. Only now, we really know each other as adults and friends and people who we can always depend on. The laughter and silliness and love and respect has only grown. Some of the roles are slowly reversing as I see you girls encouraging me to try new things, go back to school, take good care of myself.
I loved your influence in my world from the moment all three of you were born and I love it even more now as I look back. You’ve showed me that I am strong and that I could get through just about anything and that the three most important people in my life respect and love me. What more could I ask for in the world?"

Stuff to come soon.