Aino's Art Journal Challenge 8/6/10:
Art Journal Challenge 13

Aino featured Adryane's fabulous painting with brushes technique for the Art Journal Challenge this week. I'm glad Aino encouraged us to experiment with our own style rather than try to copy Adryane exactly, which I could never do! As you can see, my attempt is very simple, but, it was quick and gratifying to use brushes in a way I had never done before. TY Aino and Adryane!

Trees in the Woods*
I created the trees with:
Different Strokes No. 04 Brush Set
In PSE 8.0, I used the transform tool to slightly skew and distort the brush shapes I created. I also used the linear burn blend mode on some of the brush strokes.

Musical Clusters Brushes and Stamps
Classic Cardstock: Jungle
Picnic at Grand Lake Paper Pack
Dark Textured Neutrals

*The idea to use this particular verse from the Bible with the tree motif is from a book of calligraphic renderings of Bible passages by Timothy R Botts called Door Posts.

font: EideticNeoOmni