This is a 2 page layout that I started months ago, but had a hard time finishing. It was a tough week for us because the fire spread so fast, and not only did we not know whether we would still have our home in the end, but we also had no contact with Ramona, where our horses were. Ramona was totally cut off with no way in or out for weeks, in fact, in the end, people broke through barriers dispite police baracades, to get back there to see if their homes were still standing, causing many to say that next time, they will stay and defend their homes. Our horses were fine.
We were not knowing what to expect by going down to Qualcomm Stadium. I guess we knew we could leave if things were very disorganized and ill-managed, but we were overwhelmed by the wonderful volunteers that gave of themselves for the weeks of the fire. We were lucky, many were not. I hope to do another page documenting the fire itself. This is our second fire of this magnitude (first in 2003). I pray that it is our last.

Journaling reads:
We received our reverse 911 call in early afternoon, all packed & ready to go. We even had a picnic lunch ready. We went to the cars to see smoke just beyond Twin Peaks, knowing it could travel fast, we didn’t hesitate, we said our good-byes. We didn’t have to evacuate to Qualcomm Stadium, but we thought it would be good for Rachel to experience this, rather than run off to friends or a cozy hotel for the week. I wanted to see if San Diego could handle a crisis better than what we saw on TV during Katrina. We were pleasantly surprised that not only did the city handle things well, but dozens of area San Diegeans came down to either volunteer in the Stadium, or came down on their own to ask what we needed. They came with their trunks full of dog food, blankets, tents, hot food, sandwiches, ice, batteries or asked if anyone would like to come to their home for a warm shower. It made me even prouder of my city.
Within the stadium people were provided whatever they needed including tents, cots, blankets, entertainment for the kids, TV on the stadium big screen. The Governator was there as well as Fox, CNN & MSNBC, ABC & CBS. I even ended up being interviewed and part of Larry King’s show on the fire (Ha! - my 15 seconds of fame!).
Arrow 1: red tape finally cut to allow the military to help fight this time. YEAH!
Arrow 2: Our temporary home at Qualcomm
Arrow 3: Rachel staying close to
an extremely stressed Cricket, not understanding what is going on.
Arrow 4: Saying goodbye to our home & everything we couldn’t take (all replaceable!!!)
Arrow 5: Smoke (not clouds) just over the hill near Pomerado Hospital (just received reverse 911 call to evacuate)
Arrow 6: getting settled with makeshift sunshade

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Butterfly Hunter Paper Pack Katie Pertiet
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Evergreen Kit: Chirpi
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