Journaling Reads:
Although we spent a few uncomfortable, somewhat sleepless nights at Qualcomm, I was delighted by the outpouring of help from all of San Diego County. They did their residents proud!
Evacuee’s from the Witch Creek, Harris, Poomacha & Horno fires were told to come to Qualcomm. The S.W. corner even had horses & other animals from all areas of the county.
Arrow 1: Not happy about this scary place
Arrow 2: Cricket still wondering what is going on
Arrow 3: we grabbed some clothes, sleeping bags, computer, photos, cricket food, the guinea pigs &
important documents & left home
Arrow 4: National Guard to help in any way they can
Arrow 5: Cereal or donuts or fruit or bacon & eggs
for breakfast.
Arrow 6: San Diego outdid themselves with a heartwarming amount of volunteers ready to feed the evacuees
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