I'm loving that Amy's asking more and more questions all the time, love seeing her brain working on things all the time. Through her I have a chance to be interested in everything, and some of those kiddie programs on telly even teach us things, I've learnt some Spanish from Handy Manny etc.

Journalling says:
"I feel we're on the cusp of a question explosion, Amy's asking more and more of them. I love it (though I'm sure there'll be times...). I'm a naturally curious person, I love learning, about anything and everything. I've always loved finding out how things work. That's why I loved doing my PhD, then moving on to teaching.
The best thing about staying at home with Amy is that it forces me to slow down, and consider things you'd never notice normally - the shape of flowers, insects, playing with water.
It's true that you don't really understand something until you try to explain it to someone else, and I'm trying to keep it simple for Amy - it's too tempting to over-explain, especially when she asks about something related to Science. Kids are natural scientists, and I want to keep her curiosity and imagination going. It's so important to keep learning throughout our lives.
So I'll brace myself for the odd questions that may be coming over the years, and note the statement she made today:
'My brain's going round in circles, so I can think anything I like'."

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Photo clusters no9; classic embossed grids no3;; curled notepaper; wire rimmed charms; hobo flowers; leather flowerettes; botanic gardens kit; date tags no2; beyond words brushes; alpha scatterings; ad inspiration 110809.

A Aspnes
12x12 distressed edge overlays.

P Knox
Create-a-bloom cords.

L Grieveson
Capri kit.