Okay, I seem to be into simplicity and nature photos lately. I think this obsession stems from the fact that I've been glued to the computer (inside) working all week. . . this kind of schedule always make me dream about being outdoors, and especially about being in the mountains!

I took a pretty philosophical take on this challenge (and apologies if I'm missing the greater idea here by not being more all-encompassing in my list). That said, there have been times in my life when I was struggling with a situation or an emotional upheaval and have found salve for my soul by being out in nature. I guess I find it easier to let things go and ease my mind when I'm surrounded by amazing scenery. (My mom snapped this shot of me on the trail in the Canadian Rockies).

What I Believe:
what we rediscover in nature
we should remember to look for in ourselves

non-judgmental beauty
unobstructed views

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