For our Long Family Challenge, we decided to do a lift of JenD's layout "I'm Your Biggest Cheerleader." Here's my layout. Ever since my sister got a new kitty, Eden has wanted one. We just couldn't say no. So the picture in this lo is of Eden holding her new kitty.

What? You don't see it?

Yeah, neither do we.

Journaling: "Eden has a new imaginary kitty. It is pink. My favorite part is that it eats imaginary food and makes little imaginary messes. The problems occur when we go into town. I checked out at Walmart and then proceeded to push the cart towards the car. Suddenly, Eden bursts into tears! We had left her kitty at the cash register. Oh, no! So I had to stop the cart and call "here, kitty kitty." Fortunately the kitty came, I scooped her up, and handed her to Eden, who immediately stopped crying and we went along on our way..."

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