A few words about Ella right now. Feels good to be able to find the time this morning to do a page!

Ella Ella Ella!
You're a handful right now.
If youíre not giving me back chat, youíre pouting or bursting into tears because you canít have your own way. Where did this defiance come from all of a sudden? I think partly itís your age, Daddy being absent, but I also attribute it to your new diet. You obviously have a new clarity of mind, and as much as the new Ella is a challenge at times, I have to admit I am also totally reveling in her. July 2010

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ArtsyClocks No. 01 TransferSet
FotoGlows No. 2 ElementSet
Torn N Tattered Hearts Layered Templates No. 2
FlutterbyStitched LoopDaLoops No. 1 ElementSet
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Summer WordTransfers No. 2

Katie Pertiet:

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