For the All About Me challenge no.13

Inspired by this page of Amy and Jana’s gallery I came to this page. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

Music was my first love
and it will be my last

70’s & 80’s YOUTH
I’ve always loved popmusic. I spent all my money on buying these vinyl records. I tried to make the perfect music cassette for my walkman, without any noise or click. Which was nearly impossible with the equipment I had. But I had fun! I loved soul, funk, disco, pop, new wave, new romantics, technopop and even a bit of reggae and ska. The first album I bought was Arrival of ABBA. YMCA of The Village People was my first single.

My dream came true when the Compact Disc was available in the shops, that meant albums without any noise and without the need of turning it from the A- to the B-side. I was in heaven!
In the early nineties I bought a lot of CD’s to replace my vinyl records. When our kids were born, there was not much time to listen to new music but I became a fan of Take That when we had seen one of their concerts on tv. They were fab!

I enjoy making my own compilation cd’s at the computer. And I’m so over the moon with the invention of the century: the iPod! Nowadays I listen to new and old music, I guess my taste hasn’t changed much in all these years. I still LOVE popmusic!

Classic Cardstock Autumn Ice by Katie Pertiet
Curled Paper Edges no.5 by Anna Aspnes
Stuffed Edge Photo Frames no.2 by Katie Pertiet
Graphic Pop Edgers no.2 by Katie Pertiet
Graphic Pop Corners no.2 by Katie Pertiet

Pictures: (album covers, cd’s) (cassette, vinyl records)
google images (silhouette (altered))

Fonts: Impact, Lucida Calligraphy, Century Gothic

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