When I look back at this photo of my son at just one week old, it looks so obvious that he would grow to be 6 feet 5 inches, but of course, we did not see that at the time.

Looking back at this photo when you were just one week old, maybe we should have seen it then. Maybe we should have known by looking at those long legs and big feet you would grow quite tall. You were always taller than your little friends, but in 6th grade the ‘growing pains’ turned to tears as your little bones were growing so fast and causing you such pain. You have always loved your height and always correct anyone who gets it wrong. You are proud of your 6 foot 5 inch frame and want every bit of it counted.

Katie Pertiet
Home and Garden Kit
Vintage Photo Frames No. 16
Le Marche Kit
Yellow Word Bits No. 02
Chipboard Alphabet Red
Canvas Tags No. 02

Anna Aspnes
Distressed Edge Overlays No. 05
StrightLine Stitch White No. 01
Distressed Korners & Edges No. 04

Lynn Grieveson
Essential Bases No. 01 Paper Pack

Number Borderlines

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