We found a new home for Buddy a few years ago - here's my page documenting it... Thanks for looking Smile

In 2005, we adopted 2 Westies. Willy was from Hurricane Katrina and Buddy was from a shelter in Kentucky. They both came with their "issues" but we gave them lots of love and care. I considered Buddy "my boy". He had been abused and was a frightened dog. He became very territorial and would bite strangers at times... But he sure was a snuggler. After Lily was born, I had difficulty managing the two dogs and couldn't risk the chance of a bite. We took our time finding the right home for you. We really hit the jackpot in finding you a home about a mile away from us with the Shoreys. They love you and provide a nurturing home, a fabulous backyard to explore and 2 new brothers for you - Tucker and Jasper. It has been 2 years and we love that we can visit you with Willy from time to time and that we are always greeted with love and kisses. xoxo

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