Can't believe I'm doing another bird page...but our backyard is full of nests this season! My favorite is our mourning dove family. This page is a follow-up to Dove Love
I took the larger photo at sunset and love the red tint of our roof tiles reflecting off the birds. The smaller photo was taken earlier in the day as they were snuggling together.

Journaling: I’m fascinated by the story of Love Birds, Mourning Doves who mate for life. These are our two backyard Lovie Dovies, perched on the rooftop after raising two broods of babies this season. Protecting and caring, they keep an eye on them from above.

But as the empty nest syndrome sinks in, do they ever feel the need to stray? Do bachelor birds come along and attempt to woo one away with their mournful cooing? I hope not…that would really burst my love bird bubble! The lyrics to this song seem to have been written especially for Love Birds…

“Love will keep us together. Think of me babe whenever some sweet-talkin' guy comes along singin' his song, you gotta be strong. Look in my heart. Let love keep us together.”


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