My idea of potential.... fun to play with this, KK. Thanks.

I am thinking that when Mr. Franklin went out to play with the kite and the key and the storm in 1752 he was not really thinking about the woman who loves to play with electricity and it’s sister, electronics, in 2010. But I DO think of him. With only two years of formal education he found books anyway he could and educated himself by transmission, the direct transfer of knowledge through the words. I like that.

Thanks for looking at this unusual, tres ungirly subject!! I like to fix things. As long as nobody tells me to.....

That is not a label on the electric part.... that is
VERY VERY cool new set of staples in all shapes!!
StapleIts Clusters 2

with the date in it.

I used
Katie Pertiet's

Lock and Key
for the key buried in the text.

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