I took inspiration from Cathy's Template No. 58 and made my own version of it.

Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Christmas and Verdant Arbor

Today we stayed home. Dad and I cleaned, did laundry, and got the house ready for the week. You had a great time living in your pajamas all day, without any activities to disrupt your play. I love watching you play and seeing your imagination at work. Today I witnessed you be a robot, knight, Jedi and musician. In our attempt to provide you with rich and fulfilling experiences, we tend to spend our weekends out of the house doing something with you. I love that we take your to parks, spend time in nature and show you the world. Sometimes, we need to remember to just stay put so you can have days like this. Days where your imagination can run wild. Days without any schedule. Days where a little boy can just be.