Here's the left page of the last two-pager of my kayaking mini album. ("At last!" some of you are thinking. "Our long national nightmare is over! Smile ) In keeping with the theme of simplicity for this mini album, I continue to use Anna's great new templates.

This page is a kind of rogue's gallery, photos of those of us who went kayaking that day. I know I've used the photo of all of us lined up with our paddles on an earlier layout, but it fit so well on this page that I decided to include it here. My page, my rules. Smile

Oh, and the whole keep-it-simple theme should mean that I finish pages much sooner, right? Well, that might have been true for this particular page except I spent an ridiculous amount of time trying to put a wetsuit and a life jacket on the mouse! I downloaded a wetsuit and life jacket graphic from the web, and then pushed, pulled, twisted and warped, all in an effort to try to get the mouse to look the way we all do in the large photo. You know how when you start something and it isn't going quite right and you know it will never look exactly the way you want it to, but you somehow can't stop until it's finished because darn it, it's the principle of the thing? This will probably be my first and only experiment with trying to dress the mouse. Smile

Anna Aspnes
Summer Layered Template Album No. 02 (slightly modified)

Katie Pertiet
Touches of Paint Paper Pack

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