My take on the Saturday Lift; thank you so much for the inspiration Anxela. I loved exploring your gallery and added many LOs to my favs folder!

No, it was not enough that I decided to take up the 365 photo challenge on July 1st. I also decided to try and include a red, white and blue theme in each picture of the day for the month of July. So when I spotted this old clock reflecting the flag in its face I knew I had accomplished my task for at least one more day. Eight down twenty-three to go. I had also decided to include the precise time each photo was captured in my layout so come on what could be more perfect; true serendipity! Not until I began working the page later did I notice that the actual time for this day’s photo was only 11:31:15. Oh well, it’s 04:42 some where; just not here in Harwich Port, MA Thursday July the eighth 2010 !

Supplies: All Designer Digitals
KPertiet: Clock Face, Clock Parts, DigiStitch White, ClassicCardstock Energy, Drop Shadow Styles.

LynnG: Patterns Petite.

JEdwards: Clean and Serene Solids No.3