This was a little tougher. I have VERY ecclectic taste in music. About the only thing I DON"T listen to is HipHop. From classical to today, I pretty much like it all - which is sometimes a surprise for my son. (Don't know why. He likes good old fashioned rock and roll as much as I do. Guess he thinks I got stuck back there.) But this morning, I was thinking about what a beautiful summer day it is, which led to thinking about summer days when I was much younger, and the music we listened to and how they've all been very good years - which led to this.

Somewhere inside is still that girl of 15 or 16, even tho' she's a lot fluffier these days. And as I approach the autumn of my years, she's still with me - my inner child. I still see with her eyes, and feel with her heart. And sometimes, I miss her, too.

Background paper is from Andrea Victoria's Beach Bloom Dude

The painted background was a brush from Anna Aspnes Artplay Palette Winter 2 (you'd never guess which one)

And the leaves are from Katie Pertiet's Lots of Leaves brush set