A couple more pages from my Tokyo book that I'm working on. During my short trip, I took a day away from the city to visit Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It was a long travel day to make the classic Hakone circuit in the park, involving travel on 2 trains, 1 electric tram, 1 cable car, 1 ropeway, 1 boat and 1 bus. Whew! But it was worth it. Besides the scenery, one other standout was a visit to this open-air sculpture museum.

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Beautiful works in a spectacular setting
From Hakone Yumoto train station, I boarded the Hakone Tozan Railway that climbs up the mountain to Gora. This electric tram zigzags and switchbacks up the hill, stopping at hot springs and small resort villages along the way. At Chokoku-no-Mori, I got off to see this open-air museum. I thought I would spend an hour or so here; I spent over two!

From left: (1) One of the more colorful pieces in the museum’s Green Plaza area. (2) Symphonic Sculpture, by Gabriel Loire, didn’t seem very impressive from outside; it just looked like a concrete tower with glass. But on the inside, it was absolutely spectacular. (3) The museum’s sign out front. (4) One of several children’s exhibits. Woods of Net was really just that: a giant “Lego” house cum Native American hut with a huge net sculpture suspended on the inside. It gave me new appreciation for the idea of “art as experience,” and the kids absolutely loved it.

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